Nuts about Creating, Baking, and Saving Money.

Nuts about Creating, Baking, and Saving Money.

Squirrel’s homemade burger with Cypriot New Potatoes

Squirrel’s homemade burger with Cypriot New Potatoes

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I have always loved making homemade burgers, my mum and dad both made them for me growing up. Its been a while since I’ve made some so when the I came across a challenge to write a recipe using Cypriot New Potatoes I thought it would be a great idea to cook them in my air fryer. 

Ideal for dipping if cut long ways and perfect to go with homemade burger, garlic yoghurt and a spicy salsa. The big test would be if my 13 month old son would eat it. He didn’t have the sauce/salsa but loved the Cypriot New Potatoes and homemade burger.

Spicy salsa, Cypriot New Potatoes, Homemade burger and garlic dip.

Here’s what I started with after my trip to tesco. A couple of things where already in my cupboard.

Squirrel’s homemade burgers
500g mince beef
1 Onion
1tbsp light soy sauce
1tsp mixed herbs
half a tea spoon of salt and pepper
1 egg
Approx 100g of bread (can be dry/old bread for bread crumbs)
Put the bread into a blender to make into bread crumbs. Dice the onion into small pieces. Put the mince, onion, bread crumbs, soy sauce, mixed herbs, salt and pepper in a bowl together and give a good mix.
Next beat the egg in a cup with a fork, then add it to the bowl. Mix together with a spoon or fork but you might find it easier to mix the meat into one piece using your hands.
Next mould the meat into burgers, I recommend not to do them too thick because its harder to cook the middle bit but the size doesn’t matter just the bigger the burger the longer the cooking time. So I did some smaller ones for harry 🙂
Next its time to cook the burgers! Yey! But first lets get those yummy potatoes on!

Cypriot New Potatoes 

Cypriot New Potatoes are available in Tesco stores nationwide.
To go with my burgers I bought a 750g bag. I cut them in half down the long side of the potato and then again into quarter or each half into 3 depending on the size of the potato.
It was then time to wash/dry the potatoes ready for the air fryer.
Next I poured 1 tbsp of oil all over the potatoes and put it on for 40 minutes.

Spicy Salsa
6 tomatoes
1 pepper
1 onion
1 red chili pepper
1tsp mixed herbs
splash vinegar
half a tsp of salt and pepper
First chop up the tomatoes, pepper and onion . Then finely dice the chili pepper. Cook the onion in a pan with a little bit of oil just until it softens then add the rest giving it a good stir. Cook for about 10 minutes or until the tomotoes and peppers soften on a medium heat. Stiring regularly.
Garlic Dip
200ml natural yoghurt
1 clove garlic
hand full of chives
salt and pepper to taste
Finally dice the garlic. Add enough salt to the garlic to be able to crush it with the side of the knife. Keep crushing until the garlic and salt resemble a paste.
Slowly add the yogurt to the garlic paste. Finely chop the chives and stir into the mixture.
Add pepper to taste and salt if needed.
The verdict
We all loved it! The salsa complimented the garlic sauce on the burger and the Cypriot New Potatoes where great for dipping and just so yummy. My son couldn’t get enough of them. I’ll definitely have to do some more!
Yummy yummy Scrummy!

Harry enjoyed peas and sweetcorn with his tea in the interest of getting his 5 a day into him 😉 Oh and he doesn’t know how to nod yet lol

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