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Nuts about Creating, Baking, and Saving Money.

My best and most magical win so far

My best and most magical win so far

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I love to enter competitions so I thought I’d write about my best win. It was 2014 I had been obsessively entering competitions in order to avoid thinking about my life and the breakdown that is why I left my job. I thought like you I’d never win much these things are all fixed, how wrong was I. It turns out enter more competitions, get more entries, make more effort and you can become a winner.

I was checking my email not expecting much but I had received an email from closer. Inside it said you are the possible winner of tickets to warner bros studios summer screenings of harry potter. Now anyone that knows me will know I am obsessed with harry potter, if I’m ill or tired any excuse and harry potter is on the tv. This was a simple competition to enter, just a click to win competition where you enter your email daily to enter.

Love this quote 🙂

The email said to respond within 7 days in order to claim my prize tickets which I did immediately. Then I waited to hear something and wouldn’t let myself believe I’d won them until I actually got the tickets but at the same time my anxiety was kicking in. I phoned my dad in a panic as the date the tickets where for was in a weeks time and I needed money to hire a car. Luckily my dad knew I needed a break and helped me out but that’s definitely a reason why you should always check the terms and conditions.

The big day came, I had the tickets once they’d sent them again and they printed out correctly. We had booked a car last minute and went to find the car hire place getting lost on the way and more panic about being late as we needed to drive from Yorkshire to near London. For anyone who doesn’t know how far that is its almost 200 miles and takes 3 hours that’s if you don’t hit traffic. It was amazing to be driving again and in a much more powerful car then my old Renault clio.

On the wooden bridge.

Once we arrived safely at our destination we where running a bit later then we’d planned, my anxiety was in full force and in a panic we hurried through the crowds and got in the queue to go in. At that moment it was too late to go back outside then I realised I’d left my phone in the car. All sorts went through my mind about having an excess to pay on the car if it was broken into. I soon forgot about it armed with my camera happily snapping as I went.

I will get to Hogwarts one way
Or another…. 😉

We walked through the door to the great hall, we got to stand next to hagrid’s hut and the potions class, we walked past the front gates. Always wanted to try butter beer and our free tickets included trying a small glass each (mike didn’t mind it, I wasn’t so keen) and I rode a broom (yes I was a natural haha). That wasn’t even the best bit we then walked down diagon alley and into the final room where I’d have liked a bit more time to take everything in especially as I stood in front of a big model of Hogwarts! It was so amazing it takes your breath away and I definitely had a lump in my throat.

Me in front of Hogwarts

Unfortunately we couldn’t stay and explore everything as long as we would have liked because we didn’t know what time it was and we had to be in the lobby to watch the screening of Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix. It turned out we had time to sit and relax in the end and get out food that was included. A hot dog, popcorn/sweets and a drink. The hotdog was awful and the popcorn was burnt but it still doesn’t ruin my memory of such a great day. They had problems setting up the film but the host was funny and I remember her saying down the mic ‘just building the tention’.

The Knight Bus will take me surely?!

There was so much for us to see that day I could barely take it all in. I’d love to win tickets and go again one day and I love the films even more from that day knowing how much creativity went into them and that I got to watch one where it was made. If you love harry potter like me and ever get the chance to go I’d definitely recommend it just remember to take me with you haha just kidding. Hope you enjoyed reading my story. Ellie xxx

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