Nuts about Creating, Baking, and Saving Money.

Nuts about Creating, Baking, and Saving Money.

Money, Body and Mind challenge

Money, Body and Mind challenge

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Money, Body and Mind challenge

My aim in 2017 is not just to diet or just try and save but try to improve on my health and money at the same time. Hopefully my mind will follow suit if I feel clearer in those areas. Oh and I’m working on some bits to organise my mind at the same ie bullet journal. I’m unbelievable scatty and forget to do stuff all the time. I guess being a sleep deprived parent doesn’t help.

On to my grand scheme so the first part ‘Money’
I need to learn to save!
Challenge: Save £1000 by December 1st 2017
Aim: Create a plan to save £1000

At the start of January I decided I wanted to save £1000 by the 1st of December. I’ve never been good at saving or had enough money to save never mind £1000. Why not though? Things can change. Right? I can change!
I needed a plan. I looked on the internet and came across a spreadsheet screenshot. Of course why not I’m obsessed with spreadsheets of all kind at the moment. That’s when Harry isn’t keeping us up all night. I wrote my own plan and it didn’t take as long as I thought.

There you have it my plan! I used the SUM formula (in the right photo) in column B as well as C. I put amounts in as I saw fit, putting less in January knowing I would have less money but made up for it in other weeks. If you wanted you could just divide the amount your aiming for by the weeks and use that.
Next its time for the body challenge!
Challenge: Couch to 5k
Aim: The aim of Couch to 5k is to get you to run 5k or 20 minutes in 9 weeks
This is a free on the nhs website, you can get the app or download the podcasts as listen to them in your headphones.
My motivation behind this is so I can take part in a colour run in July with my 2 younger sisters. I’ve always wanted to go on a colour run but why not have fun with my sisters at the same time fulfilling my aim to spend more time with family and have more adventures. Oh and there is the added bonus of finally getting fit for once in my life. Anyway I will track my journey on here and hopefully that will give me a boost 🙂

First run attempt

I’m sat here contemplating my plans of starting coach to 5k. Yes I’m incredibly unfit and i plan on running in public with my son in the pushchair hmmm it could be a disaster. Then again I really want to prove to myself I can do this. I can loose weight and get fit! Right wish me luck! (before first run)

Just come back from my run. Well I’ve done shopping, fed Harry, had lunch with the OH and talked his ear off along the way. How did it go? Well it was tough I’m not going to deny it part of me wanted to give up but I was determined to prove I can do this.

I walked to the other side of the town towards a wooded area thinking about my wobbly bits and red beetroot face the less people the better. I started down the track towards the woods. It was steeper then I remembered. To start with going up the I ran as much as I could manage, at least running for a bit every time she said run. I have to admit I needed my inhaler a few times. In the end I turned back and went back and forth down the flatter bit. Definitely a wiser idea!

Each 60 second run slowly got easier and the last one I managed to run the whole 60 seconds. So proud of myself I feel really energized! Can’t wait to update you on Wednesday on my second attempt at week 1 of coach to 5k 😃

People must have thought I was crazy running with a pram. Haha but it did my arms too. I’m aching all over today especially my shins and legs. I’ve learned a few things. I will have to leave harry with mike after this week, I need better clothes, shoes and head phones that don’t fall out my ears. Fingers crossed for a better nights sleep tonight ready for tomorrow eek 😛


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