Nuts about Creating, Baking, and Saving Money.

Nuts about Creating, Baking, and Saving Money.

Lets make 2017 fantastic

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We are just going into the new year and I thought I would start a blog. I don’t know exactly what to start writing about, I have a few ideas from money saving tips, competitions to enter, recipes and a bit about my life. Of course if anyone has any advice or suggestions I will be happy to listen.

My name is Ellie, I’m from Yorkshire in the UK. I’ve always struggled to fit in just feeling out of place no matter where I am in life. Like Bridget Jones I always manage to do something daft or I miss read a situation and put my foot in it. I’ve finally decided that enough is enough I’ll be myself and hopefully those that love me will stick around despite me being crazy and weird at the best of times.

 This is me! See crazy?! Haha!

A few weeks ago I went out to the shop for something for tea and a few bits. It was windy, dark and raining hard, the back end of a storm was battling hard against my car as I ran into Sainsbury’s, I quickly got some cash and jumped back into the car to get fish and chips for tea. Trying to hurry as the wind and rain flung my car door open I started to hear an alarm go off, thinking it was my car alarm I pressed the button to lock my car. Nothing happened the alarm was still going off. My car is my dads old car so I phoned my dad in a panic worrying that the rain had broken my car alarm. He never had this happen before so I had no choice but to drive home with the alarm going off and wait for the rain to stop. A few hours later after getting my son to bed I went to check my car, hoping the problem had sorted itself. I opened the car door and thought strange the noise is fading and coming more from the door area. I had a look and then I saw my rape alarm from my keys trapped between the chair and the car door. See I told you I’m as daft as a brush, everyone found it hilarious. I was just happy it wasn’t my car. Needless to say the rape alarm isn’t on my car keys anymore!

2016 was definitely an interesting journey, learning to be a new mum and struggling to adjust to the endless sleepless nights was fun and challenging all in one. At times I’ve wanted to scream and then there is the other times when my son Harry does amazing things and gives me the cheekiest little smile that melts your heart. Its certainly been a year of extreme highs and lows. I’ve moved out of the small 2 bedroom flat that was driving me mad and moved into a house in a better area.

This is Harry on his new bike from Christmas, my little cutie 🙂

2017 I’ve decided to set this blog up to motivate myself and to share my journey. My main aim is to have a much healthier lifestyle with money/diet and concentrate on the good things instead of the bad. I want to do more creative things, cook more and have a lot of adventures big and small. I hope anyone reading this can join in and also share their experiences. Lots of love Ellie xxx

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