Nuts about Creating, Baking, and Saving Money.

Nuts about Creating, Baking, and Saving Money.

I’m Breaking the Habit Tonight!

I’m Breaking the Habit Tonight!

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I’m Breaking the Habit Tonight!

I’ve been quiet on here recently with Harry being poorly and I have been up to a few bits. I’ve been changing on a personal level and giving myself a break to have some very needed self-care. I now have some updates to share with you.

Where to start

I want to be more like me and less trying to be like other people. I’m not just a writer, artist, cook or money saver/maker. I am all of those and I love being that person. I volunteer and have done for years, currently as a breastfeeding peer supporter running their twitter page (which I have to admit I’ve been useless with recently that’s going to change too). I am also a social media addict and spend far too much time scrolling, I want to stop endless scrolling and just be me. I’m also a rock chick and fantasy nut at heart.

I’ve been overwhelmed recently trying to just be one thing that other people are. The problem with that is there is always a part of me screaming inside saying what about me.

The point of this blog

The idea of this blog was to be myself no one else and that is not changing!

I have a journey to complete I need to do it. For a while, I’ve been coming to this point. Why? Because I have lived and experienced some real lows and never will go back, I am taking control of my life and writing about it. It’s about my journey and helping to inspire sometimes I forget that bit.

So what has changed?

I have changed that is the big one but how have I started to change. Well, last week I felt so overwhelmed feeling like I can’t possibly help people to save money and help themselves when I don’t help myself. I’m choosing to help myself and be happy.

A while ago I wrote about a couple of books that have really changed me. I had stopped both part way through and I needed energy with a poorly toddler draining every bit I had. For over a week he was poorly and my self-care had been neglected even more than usual.

I thought to myself I’m going to finish these books for once in my life instead of getting distracted. First I finished ‘Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill’ and the psychology in it is fascinating. That made me determined to change the way I think.

Next, I restarted ‘Change your life in 7 days by Paul McKenna’ and change my life I will. I have to admit I had some late nights determined to finish this book and change my thinking and I did it. I discovered my big dream and that is to write, create art and become financially independent.

Combine them! It finally came to me. I don’t have to see things as a chore I can enjoy what I’m doing. My first step is to create my challenge into something a lot bigger and at a personal level instead of trying to guide other, I want to guide myself. Not to say that I won’t love it if others come on this journey too.


Listening to Linkin Park as I write this I want to use everything I’ve learned from my low points and see what I can create from it. For my challenge I will be writing my story for a year, seeing what different things I can do to save and make money. As well as changing personal habits and becoming the person I know I am. While writing it into a book I will share my journey on my blog and social media.

I won’t forget to draw, paint and write my fantasy book while doing this but this gives me the financial freedom to also follow those dreams.

This will be straight from the heart, no editing. I won’t be filtering myself, if I slip up I will be honest with you and myself. Most importantly I will learn from any mistakes past, present and future. I want to bake and make as much as I can from scratch and make things as cheap as possible.

I’m breaking the habit tonight!

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Thank you for reading, Ellie xxx

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2 thoughts on “I’m Breaking the Habit Tonight!”

  • Ellie…snap ..and bizarre coincidence is like reading about myself ..Change my Life in 7 days is the book this week revisited after many years gathering dust! I am baking again to use up all the ingredients that usually litter the kitchen cupboards before hitting the bin. Money saving ventures are paramount importance so I may gain some good tips from your blogs and website. As a new member of our mutual fb group I am sure the habits will change into good and self care will become fearlessly internalised without a doubt. I will look into Creative Saving with Ellie.

    • Hi Wendy 🙂 I think I need to revisit Creative Saving with Ellie. Life got in the way. Really excited to get stuck in again and break those bad habits

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