Nuts about Creating, Baking, and Saving Money.

Nuts about Creating, Baking, and Saving Money.

Freebies week 2

Freebies week 2

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This week has been another great week for freebies, I challenged myself again to see how many I could get Monday – Friday, maybe I could have done more if I wasn’t full of cold and I didn’t get 2 blog posts in like I hoped but hey ho I got free chocolate again so no complaints here.
I didn’t get the free Easter egg from Thornton’s with o2 priorities that went way too quick before I even got chance to get to town, but you win some and loose some. Not to mention the receipt that ended up in a mix up because I used my coupon at self-service. Always better to use it at the till for future reference as you have to sit and wait. So I would have tested the Shopmium referral credit I got from referring mike but because I don’t have the receipt it didn’t go to plan. Never mind ey?!

Back to the positives look at the free stuff I got! Looks great when you put it in a picture all together and look I got the Volvic sugar free drinks from Shopmium picked up the right ones this time not the normal ones haha.

Free Primula cheese spread from Shopmium.


If you read my blog post last week I talked about an app call Shopmium which I got a free lindt bunny from. If you didn’t see my post click here and it will take you to my post. This app gives you cash back for items you buy in their offers. Currently the Primula soft cheese is on offer for free so go grab yours now and don’t forget your free bunny using my referral code 😉

1. Download the free Shopmium app on your iPhone or Android smartphone:

2. Open the app and sign up with my code: KMKMKMCY

3. Enjoy your Lindt Gold Bunny!

Free Emmi Caffe Latte Skinny Iced coffee’s from CheckOutSmart.
For any of you following my facebook page or twitter I posted this one up when I found it, CheckOutSmart gave these away for free but they where only available for a short amount of time so follow my page and I will keep adding freebies when I get chance. Again my previous post tells you all about the app CheckOutSmart.


Sorry I am reusing my photo from last week standing in for the 2 packs of 5 Cadbury’s crème eggs which I forgot to photograph before they ended up in the recycling. They where great for our easter egg hunt.
The free Crème Eggs where from another Cash Back App called Clicksnap. This is the website Quidco’s version of a cashback app, usually they are similar offers so I don’t use it much however this time it was only on Clicksnap. Quidco is a great cashback website I got £80 back from my o2 contract just for clicking through their website! It was a great payout as it came 6 months after I got my contract (so they knew I wasn’t missing bills).
Sign up to Quidco here and sign in using Quidco on the Clicksnap app to use their cashback app but also don’t forget to check out their offers online when you do any shopping online. There’s nothing like doing your shopping as normal then weeks or months later getting a nice extra payout to treat yourself.
Free New Covent Garden Soup using a £1 coupon and they are on offer for £1 at asda (also morrisons too).
If you go onto money saving expert they often have coupons. Click here as this is where I found the coupon I thought it was only right to include the link. However here is a direct link to the website to get a New Covent Garden Soup coupon, if you click ‘Find out more’ a pop up should appear for you to fill your details out and be emailed a coupon.
When you print coupons they come through a secure printing program called Valassis so don’t be surprised when it asks you to install the programme. It won’t print properly unless you do that, but if you do have any problems I emailed them in the past and they helped me no problem.
That’s it this week for my freebies, I hope you enjoyed reading and hope you take advantage of some of the freebies. Talk to you soon, Ellie xxx
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