Nuts about Creating, Baking, and Saving Money.

Nuts about Creating, Baking, and Saving Money.

Free days out in the sun and no spend update

Free days out in the sun and no spend update

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No Spend Update

Things don’t always go to plan

I’m determined to turn things around and write regularly instead of on random days. Tonight I decided I just have to jump into my second post and get over my fear of failure. The no-spend year has been harder to follow then I first thought because of my bad habits but so far I have done a lot better then I thought I might, still there is room for improvement.

First off I have to admit I have had Mcdonald’s once since I started it and a few other bits. What I have done though is dramatically cut down what I was spending so far. Almost 1 week since my last payday and I still have most of my money budgeted for the other weeks. In the past, I would have eaten into that a lot more.

I still believe I can do a lot better this next week and a bit until my next post which will be published on Sunday 4th August. To do this I have come to the conclusion that what lets me down the most is planning. So I am going to plan my meals from Monday to Sunday using my printable meal planner. A copy will be available in my next post for you to print off. I will be using whatever I have in my cupboards to plan my meals to keep the costs as little as possible.

Free Days Out

Beach day with friends and a picnic

Yesterday we had a great day out with friends and it didn’t cost me a penny. I used whatever I had to create a picnic and packed plenty of drinks as it was a very hot day and off we went in the car to meet a few friends at the beach. I was going to get Harry an Ice cream but my kind friend paid for it. If I had it would have been £1.20 for the day which is still amazing for a full fun-packed day out in the sun.

It made me appreciate what I do have and money can’t buy amazing friends and the kind of enjoyment that playing on the beach gives you. Watching the waves, playing in the sea, having a picnic. These are the things I remember from being a kid.

A few of my friends who could make it to the beach yesterday not forgetting the others who couldn’t come as kids get sick and people have other commitments.

I wanted to add this photo of me as I’m truly laughing and my happiness shows through the photo. Credit for these photos goes to my dear friend Theresa.

BBQ with more amazing friends

Today we had another fun day at my friend Rosie’s who had invited us all round to hers for a BBQ and the kids had lots of fun playing in the paddling pool keeping them nice and cool. It was an extremely hot day and again I didn’t have to spend anything. If I was to do the BBQ myself it would cost me a little bit but still, you can keep the costs down as the kids are happy to have hotdogs and burgers.

It was another great day, the kids had loads of fun playing together and I enjoyed speaking to my friends. I feel so grateful for everything I have.


Although I usually look on the negative side and think about what I haven’t done and what I could have done better, this time I am focusing on what I have done and that is amazing so far. I’m only just scratching the surface with what I can do with this no-spend year.

If you want to keep updated with how I’m doing I will be updating my Facebook page and Instagram regularly.

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Thank you for reading, I would love to hear if anyone else has decided to take up the No-Spend Challenge.

Ellie aka The Nutty Squirrel 🙂 Bye for now.


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