Nuts about Creating, Baking, and Saving Money.

Nuts about Creating, Baking, and Saving Money.

End of 2017 and a year of blogging

End of 2017 and a year of blogging

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End of 2017 and a year of blogging

I started this blog on as a free version last year at the start of 2017 to help challenge myself. I think it’s time for me to look back in 2017 and see what I have improved and what still needs work.

I wanted to improve my fitness and mental health. As well as challenge myself to do some of the things I’d wanted to do for a while like writing and blogging.

What did I complete

2017 aims

Starting with the positives I did start writing and blogging. I only realised how much I’d wrote recently when I was searching in my google drive. I’ve done blog posts, short stories, and ideas for 2 completely different books that I’m really excited about.

The other 2017 aims I did complete this year are starting the gym (admittedly I stopped for a bit at the end of the year) so that will be on 2018s aims again. I have read far more than in the past but again room for improvement.

The big change is the confidence and being so much happier this year. Moving to this house helped so much with that and of course pushing myself. I even made videos and started making more friends!

2017 wishlist

At the beginning of the year, I wrote a wish list for my comping hobby (entering competitions as a hobby). I started the year really well and won myself a ps4 and bluetooth headphones.

As the year went on I got distracted by other things and didn’t enter much so didn’t win much. I did win cash a few times from free games on bingo sites (until they changed the rules).

Some of my saving helped me get a new laptop and matched betting helped pay for a Nintendo switch and Xbox one Scorpio someone wanted. I got a Bluetooth speaker for Christmas (can play radio from my phone instead!) and my new phone came with VR so they get ticked off too.

I managed to get not just 1 or 2 things from my list but 6! Not bad if you ask me. Though I’ll be reigning in the purse strings for 2018.

What still needs to be improved

My health, diet, and finances are the big ones I feel like I could have done even more. Organisation in the home and personally are big challenges for me to sort.

To start this I’m running a challenge ‘Creative Saving with Ellie’. This will be a 4-week challenge running from the 8th of January to help improve planning with finances and meal plans. This time I’m doing it publicly with other people so we can encourage each other.

What would you do if you can save some extra money?

This is my big aim for 2018 to save money but where is the fun in it if you don’t have a reason for saving the money? Not only that but it’s easy to lose motivation especially if you have a bad day.

What I want to save for;

  • A holiday to Cornwall where I went when I was growing up every year. I really want to create those adventures and memories with Harry.
  • To finally meet my best friend Trisha in Amsterdam, Holland. We’ve been friends for 10 years already I think it’s about time.
  • Pay for a regular gym membership (and use it a lot more). I really enjoyed going to the gym and still want to feel comfortable to go swimming.#
  • Complete a colour run. If you read one of my earlier posts I wanted to do this last year.
  • Learn to snowboard. One of my sisters went to France on a snowboarding holiday, it looked amazing so I want to at least learn how to snowboard this year.


I’ve had a great year overall even if I feel like I let myself down with my health towards the end at least my mental health and anxiety have improved so much.

I hope you join me for Creative Saving with Ellie (Click here for more info). I look forward to being reminded why I’m doing the challenge by you. Post below or in the facebook group (Click here to join the facebook group) and let me know what you’ll be saving for in 2018.

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