Nuts about Creating, Baking, and Saving Money.

Nuts about Creating, Baking, and Saving Money.

Creative Saving with Ellie

Creative Saving with Ellie

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Creative saving with Ellie

I have been kicking myself time and time again. Ok not literally but I feel like I have been letting myself down. I know how to cook and budget but I just haven’t taken the time to just do it. I’m too tired or I have too much to do. I’ve decided I need to finally knuckle down and just do it. If this sounds like you too, I would love for you to come on this journey with me.

The beginning of January when everyone is feeling the squeeze from Christmas and in my case my son’s birthday. I want to be able to help take some pressure off you (ok and me!) and just have some fun together doing it.

Let’s dive in 🙂

When is the challenge?

Creative saving with Ellie, will be running from Monday 8th January until Sunday 4th February.

You might be wondering why not start it on the 1st of January, my reason for this is so many people write things like let’s make this the best year ever that I usually feel overwhelmed and by the time it’s January 8th I’ve given up. So this is to help you after the new year craziness has finished.

Below I will list what is going to be included in the challenge.

What is in Creative Saving with Ellie?

Week 1 Creating your budget

I have created a budget sheet to help you work out what money you have left after all your income and outgoings. This will help you the week after when you plan your menu as you will have budgeted for it.

Week 2 Planning your menu

For week 2 I have created a menu planner, I have kept it simple and you can be as detailed as you like or if you want just plan your main meals. I’ll be sharing a lot of tips on how to save money when you do your shopping. The big things being planning and writing a list but also simple recipes.

Week 3 Get creative in the kitchen

Week 3 I want to teach you how to cook as much as you can from scratch. I’ll be helping you with ideas to fit around your lifestyle. Life can be really busy and quite often this is when I opt for takeaway and it soon adds up (Not to mention being bad for you).

Week 4 Reward yourself

For the last week, I think it’s important to remember the reasons you are working hard to change your habits and reward yourself.

It doesn’t have to be with money but if you’ve managed to save money from joining in with this challenge then you might want to treat yourself using the money you have saved. Too often we forget why we want to do these things and they become a chore rather than letting that happen we need to have something to look forward to.

How do I join?

All you need to do is subscribe and join my facebook group. It’s all free. I hope to see you over there. I will be emailing the content too but we can interact with people in the facebook group and I’ll be sharing useful tips.

Subscribe here;

Don’t forget to Join the facebook group here!


I hope you join me in this challenge as I am just the same as you, I need encouragement and a crowd cheering me on. I have my bad habits and if running this just helps a few people I will be happy. That is my goal to help people be creative and save money. Don’t be shy, and if you have any ideas or questions please leave me a comment!!

Thank you for reading, Ellie 🙂 xxx

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