Nuts about Creating, Baking, and Saving Money.

Nuts about Creating, Baking, and Saving Money.

Creative Saving with Ellie – Week 1 Creating your budget

Creative Saving with Ellie – Week 1 Creating your budget

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Creative Saving with Ellie – Week 1 Creating your budget

I meant to write this a lot earlier then I have but I have been feeling a bit rubbish. I guess its all the bad food over the last year/holiday period catching up with me. Bad habits of not drinking enough and maybe a bit of anxiety.

My son had his first day at nursery today, for 2 years he’s only had a few days away from me or his dad. I guess I can’t believe he isn’t a little baby anymore, he always will be my baby of course but he is growing up so quickly. Thoughts of; is he ok? will he miss me? its so quiet, no one needs me. I think you get the point.

I finally got my tyres fixed on the car, one had gone flat before Christmas. The other was looking very worn and battered too. The damage was £120 for 2 tyres changed. It at least went all smoothly and wasn’t more then expected.

No better time than now to start this Challenge and save for that next hickup and our first holiday. That’s what I want to budget and save money for. Share with me what you would like to save for in the comments below or in the Creative Saving with Ellie facebook group.

Creating your budget

I have created a simple budget sheet for you to print off and fill in. You can follow the kind lines on pen and paper if you like.

Get your FREE budget worksheet here!! 

Tomorrow I am going to drink enough water, do some housework while listening to podcasts/youtube, and I will fill this in myself. I will share with you how I get on. Ready for next weeks meal planning tasks. This week I’m starting to see how much I can save on food and setting a budget for our weekly shopping.

Your Turn!

It’s your turn to fill out the budget sheet and let us know what your food budget is. In the facebook group or comment on this blog post. Don’t forget to share what you are saving for or why you need to save money.

Ellie xxx

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