Nuts about Creating, Baking, and Saving Money.

Nuts about Creating, Baking, and Saving Money.

Blogs that have inspired me

Blogs that have inspired me

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Blogs that have inspired me

I have been blogging for just over a year now so  I wanted to write about some of the blogs that have inspired me to write more or improve my life in different ways. There are a few different blogs on this list who are brilliant for their own different reasons. I hope you enjoy.

Please note these are in no particular order 🙂

Glam & Geeky Mum

Nikki is an amazing mum and geek who I met from becoming a Comper (Someone who enters competitions as a hobby). I love Glam & Geeky and Nikki is the reason I ended up getting my own domain name. Up until that point, I was using a free blog and really overwhelmed about starting my own paid blog. Thank you, Nikki, for encouraging me to take that jump.

Emma Drew

I love to save money and I stumbled across Emma’s blog on Facebook and have since bought Emma’s blogging course. Emma does a FREE 6-week course delivered by email on how to make money. It has loads of useful tips and information about making money. If your looking for ideas to make money I would definitely recommend Emma’s blog.

The Mini Millionaire

Cora is a blogger and big Youtube user. I came across her blog again from Comping, it seems compers all love ways to save and make money. I love Cora’s video’s about matched betting and also really enjoy watching Cora and Helen’s Vlog’s, both videos of them sourcing for eBay and when they went traveling. They work so well together and are a lovely couple. Helen is really creative and also has some amazing sewing tutorials at Crafty Sewing Sew.

Savvy in Somerset

Savvy in Somerset is a blog I’ve noticed a bit more recently since starting ‘Creative Saving with Ellie’. Fiona writes about ways to save money on food and household bills. The food is one of those things I had been a bit careless with recently. I see Fiona’s posts a lot on facebook, I love how open and honest she is about her finances on her blog as well as being a Game of Thrones fan (I cry thinking we have to wait till 2019 for the next season).

Fifty Five and Counting

Hold on a minute while I read Fifty Five and Counting’s latest post about why Arya Stark is her hero (Another Game of Thrones fan <3). Sorry got distracted then. Fifty Five and Counting rely inspires me as she writes about traveling on her own and I find that amazing.

Super Lucky

Di Coke is the reason I started Comping, I came across her blog from Money Saving Expert post. Since then I have joined Di’s Lucky Learners group and won some great prizes. I was hooked after winning £50 love2shop vouchers from a radio station which I filled my freezer with. One of my most memorable wins for me was winning tickets to the Warner Bros Studios for the Harry Potter Summer Studios Tour. We got to watch a film in the place Harry Potter was filmed as well as explore the amazing tour. I was an anxiety mess at that point so it really changed my life. Check it out here if you want to read more.

Queen of Clean

Queen of Clean is a woman after my own heart. I’ve never been very clean or tidy so I definitely could learn a thing or 2 or 3 from her. I can’t remember how I came across Lynsey’s blog but I was really touched by her Introduction to me blog post. I love how honest she is and has even been on Channel 4’s Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners.

Make Money Without a Job

Make Money Without a Job is new to me as Emma Drew and her husband Tony have just relaunched it. This will be my go-to blog for ideas on how to make more money as I make my way along my journey of working from home. It’s full of side hustles and ideas about how to make money and I can’t wait to read more.


There you have it some of my favorite blogs, there is more but my list was getting quite long. Part 2 might be on the horizon haha. I hope you enjoy reading some of these great blogs. I will be keeping this list handy for when I feel I need inspiration!

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